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You Don’t Need More Motivation. You Need More Discipline

Most people never realize this. And eventually they quit the game without making any effort to persist and build discipline in their life.

That’s the reason why only a FEW PEOPLE are able to reach the TOP of the world. Because they control their lives. By sticking to that discipline.

Success doesn’t care about your feelings

That could be hard hitting to you.

Success only cares about you showing up to work every single day. Nothing else.

The average individual thinks they need any motivation, inspiration or energy to get to work.

But that’s now how things work. The more you act, the more you get inspired to get better everyday.

The next time you don’t FEEL like doing any work, say F★CK OFF to your feelings.

Life will test you a 100 times

Sometimes you won’t get any results.

Sometimes you will feel lost.

Sometimes things will go against you.

And that’s a TEST for you. It’s already planned by the nature. And I believe that whatever happens, happens for good only.

So you got to trust the process and keep grinding.

Life doesn’t reward the most intelligent people. Life rewards the most HUNGRY ones.

It’s not about COMPETITION anymore

Take a look at the world.

More than half of the people are distracted.

They have already broken their New Year Resolutions.

They are chasing pleasure over purpose.

It’s not about competition anymore. It’s about FOCUS.

The focus to be the best version of yourself. And the focus to stay on the track when half of the people have become aimless.

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